NoCry2 Project

Live of what you love where you love to live!

NoCry2 -Northern Creative Youth2 was a transnational project developed by young entrepreneurs for young entrepreneurs. Which aimed to encourage and promote the power of youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial approach and multidisciplinary collaboration with the overall objective to increase the potential for growth and employment, using the creative industry as a catalyst and the “creative clusters” and value chained networks of young creative entrepreneurs across Europe as drivers to enabling young creative individuals/niche companies and SMEs to live of what they love where they love to live!

During the course of the project more than 30 enterprises and 100 creative entrepreneurs living on the edge of Europe, representing 15 different nationalities have worked together on new cross-collaborated ideas, exchanged knowledge and added value to each other. Showing results as personal growth and increased confidence, new skills and insights to entrepreneurship and multi-skills solutions, strengthening of the competitive advantages in a wider perspective and international context, unemployed positively changed their situations, businesses have improved and new ones been started as well as new products and services been developed.

The young entrepreneurs were actively involved in the core of the project development, its results and outcomes such as The Creative Office, a virtual 3D environment; Studio NoCry2, a new experimental meeting place for development of youth entrepreneurship and multi-collaborations and The main outcome; An Experimental and Alternative Business Support Service comprising: The Real Factor, which offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and promote themselves and their businesses/skills and to collaborate to improve their competitive advantage; the integral tools briefcase, that includes interactive learning opportunities; and The Cloud Creative Community that enables a continuous exchange of ideas and support through clusters and an ever-expanding community.



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